Rambling Impressions on Here

Re: Rambling Impressions on Here

Postby Devotchik on Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:57 pm

Sorry to hear you're not well Cody.. :( Nice review!! I've started playing it in backwards order now.. :mrgreen:
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Re: Rambling Impressions on Here

Postby WarmJets on Mon Sep 19, 2016 10:03 pm

Devotchik wrote:Sorry to hear you're not well Cody.. :( Nice review!! I've started playing it in backwards order now.. :mrgreen:

Thanks, Dani. I wanted to shy away from the personal angle, but there's no denying that it has colored my apperception greatly (in a good way).

Playing my copy backwards may reveal backmasking, as it's a record. Reverse order would require too much exercise!

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Re: Rambling Impressions on Here

Postby mainguy on Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:43 pm

Having spent the last 10+ years on Shuffle, I've given short shrift to albums as a whole, Shadows included.

But I purposely spent 3+ weeks with Here on repeat and I feel great about it. Some thoughts:


Norman has so often spoiled us with tunes that I'd consider “all-time greats” (in recent years: “Did I Say”, “Baby Lee”, “When I Still Have Thee”), that I don’t give him enough credit when he simply writes really great songs. Like Man-Made, there’s no all-time greats on here but there’s four excellent tunes.

“The Darkest Part of the Night” is a mish-mash of Norman’s SFNB tunes. The strumming is reminiscent of “Start Again.” The strings are straight out of “Planets.” When he opens up the second verse with “It’s with a heavy heart,” he could have just as easily gone into “The very heart and soul of you” and I wouldn’t have even noticed the segue.

“Live in the Moment” benefitted the most from repeat listens. As Norman’s moved away from love songs and as I’ve gotten older at a faster rate than I had hoped, a song like this is always going to win me over. If they ever get around to releasing Have Lost It…Again!, this one’s going to sound great with a Seekers-esque arrangement.


Shadows was a just-alright album for Gerry. There were a lot of less-traveled melodies on there but they didn’t always land. On Here, the melodies are adventurous, but he nails them all.

“I Have Nothing More to Say” is a standout. The verse melodies and “Sister I haven’t felt so far from home” are straight out of the Paul Simon songbook. The choruses then remind us of who actually wrote the song.

“It’s A Sign” is the third in his Sign Trilogy and is neck and neck with IHNMTS as the best on the album. “Doo doo doooooo wah, ah ahhhhhhhh.” So simple, but I’ve never heard anything like it. Its so good. Through my initial listens, I thought the outro “It’s a sure…sign…Sure sign, etc.” backing vocals might not be thick enough, like they were missing a voice. But after a few more listens, I realized that the missing voice was the listener’s own, singing along. How interactive!


I wasn’t crazy about Raymond’s Shadows output, so I might have subconsciously written him off, but he’s back on point on Here.

“Steady State” is a great love song. I normally dock points from Raymond for tacking at least one too many chorus (or his patented “outro mantras”) repeats to the end of his songs, but I could have listened to a couple more of “Erase what I’ve become, let myself succumb to feelings of love, oh my love.”

“I Was Beautiful When I was Alive” has another great outro mantra. Despite its length, the band keeps things interesting by continually layering something new underneath. Mid-song, Dave kills it with that synth solo.

It had been too long since Raymond gave us a “[Preposition] You” song, so “With You” is very welcome here. As an aside, I like to imagine that things got a little heated when Gerry unveiled “Near You” to the group during the Howdy sessions.

My only big critique is that three slow Raymond tunes pushes Norman’s “Connected To Life” into “one too many” territory. I would have liked to have heard another uptempo tune from Raymond.

Unlike some other groups that always feel that need to innovate [and more often than not, alienate], the Fannies know their strengths and always give us something familiar, without ever going through the motions. I'm a little bummed that I'll be skipping the Here tour because I'm generally tired.

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Re: Rambling Impressions on Here

Postby El Macca on Fri Sep 30, 2016 8:01 pm

I really liked it on first listening and am loving it more with every listen ( of which there have been a lot ) .... cracking good album.
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Re: Rambling Impressions on Here

Postby markmoon on Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:51 pm

I'm really moved and excited for the returned of the fannies, how I've missed!
I'm in love me too, many memories and the soundtrack of 20 years old.
At the first time incomplete listening I'm impressed by The Darkest Part of the Night, really beautiful ballad ,the emotional solo guitar,so harmonic with voices and lyric,a sweet melancholic and kind love song.
More mature sound but the same shining power pop,with bright guitar ,sweet vocals and the heart's touching feeling, I love that!
Is there any news for b-sides?
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