What do you think of Brexit vote?

Re: What do you think of Brexit vote?

Postby Nicene Creeder on Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:35 am

Those with college degrees and professional jobs, more typical of the ruling class and elites, are the ones who voted to remain in the EU. That's the globalist position. The educated class intentionally forgets about and even work against those people in trades, and the rest of the working blue collar class, especially unskilled labor. What does the EU offer the poor? That's where the remain camp failed to explain what they believe are the advantages of the EU. It's far more obvious to show that increased competition hurts low waged jobs. Remain wasn't appealing.

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Re: What do you think of Brexit vote?

Postby Devotchik on Thu Jun 30, 2016 11:11 am

The 'educated ruling elite' as you put it who voted to LEAVE along with the uneducated 'working blue collar class' are eurosceptics the lot of them, but for these reasons: either financial or racist/ xenophobic. It was more like the educated Socialist/ centralist middle classes and working classes who voted to Remain: a large amount of SNP and Labour voters.. Scottish Conservative leader was on the Remain side too.

Farage turning up at the European Parliament purely just to gloat.. people don't realise that there are currently 22 UKIP Euro mps.. they have quite a strong showing in the EU Parliament.. and when there is no more Euro parliament they'll be running for the first house (HoP) here in the UK where they currently have one MP. Their support base varies from upper / middle class ex-Conservative eurosceptic voters to racist uneducated working class white older males that used to vote BNP.

A very bad campaign by both sides really with the Leave side mainly focussing on xenophobia and racism mixed with a few lies and 'promises' about money currently going to the EU being used instead on propping up an ailing NHS in need of funding.

Most people not really understanding the difference in voting method between an indirect general election style and the more direct method of referendum voting - and that those who usually feel disaffected and disenfranchased had MORE of a chance at being heard with this electorial method.

People not clearly understanding that it was a cross political party campaign, with people rightly disatisfied with Camerons gov wanting to be rid of him but again not understanding the economic implications and how his resignation will bring in a more severe form of Conservatism. BoJo's family voted Remain and so was BoJo until February when someone told him vote Leave would ensure Cameron's resignation and a chance for him to become PM.. Vote Leave never thought they would get in, they only wanted to oust Cameron..

And Gove dumbing down the opinion of any expert in favour of scare tactics on the Leave cmapign only demonstrating his previous attitude of dumbing down the education sector.. dumbdown the voters because they'll be more easier to con and win elections.. its worked better than they expected it to in this case hasn't it?

And the rightwing media are to blame for a large part:
The Daily Express is still focusing on Project Fear with their story about the UK pulling out just in time as there has been some secret announcement that there will be some EU superstate..
Daily Mail has been receiving criticism for only telling their readers about the true effects of Brexit on their pensions, savings, holidays after the referendum.. Those poor old Sun readers, like those Daily Fail readers, that have now discovered the price of their Beer as well as their pensions and holidays in Spain on the Costa will really cost 'em due to Brexit and they're not happy about it..
Murdoch is very happy with Brexit because it means he can get in to number 10 someone who'll listen to him as the EU won't pay him any attention.

And as for the revolt with the Labour party: Blair pivoted away from the working classes and towards an economic liberalism that did nothing to address the damage Thatcher had already done. The Chilcot Report will be released soon, next week I think.. Blair will already know what it says because they have to legally tell anyone whose mentioned in it so they don't get sued.. Corbyn wants Blair prosecuted.. most of the guys who have gone are Blairites and had voted for the war in Iraq, so it might well be a protest more about showing support for Blair than the disappointing output of the referendum..

On the whole, very sad really. I'm one of the 69% of Labour voters to back Remain even though I am against Camerons policies because I knew the future would be bleak with BoJo (Boris) and more hard rightwing Tories. Some of the LEAVE voters have slowly come to realise what they've done and wish to change their vote as they did not feel they had the full facts there to make a proper decision.

ETA: link to Hitler meme from facebook about the referendum: https://www.facebook.com/twotcircus/videos/301191413558403/
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