Bob Dylan's The Cutting Edge

Bob Dylan's The Cutting Edge

Postby Nicene Creeder on Sat Dec 05, 2015 7:02 am

So I went for the 1965-1966, 379 tracks, 18 CD box Cutting Edge box. Damn, it's heavy. Besides the CD's they give you hi res flac's for all of the songs, plus they just added 208 additional unreleased live tracks (320kbps mp3) from 14 concerts in 1965, both acoustic and electric, and an array of recordings from television shows, hotel rooms, and other live appearances. Sony does over edit a couple of the recordings I'm fond of and this makes these versions less enjoyable to me (Sony has done this before to several of these unrelease tracks over the years - I guess I'm too used to the unedited version). It's still the motherload.

I'm in heaven.

Sweet days waiting for the new TFC album.

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