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Postby Georgia on Wed Feb 25, 2015 3:31 pm

Ruthiepoos wrote:A connection I've found between Teenage Fanclub and the Replacements.....I've seen Paul Westerberg a couple of times, once in Cleveland Ohio in August 1993 (Peabody's Downunder I believe, saw some ace gigs there) and then a few months later at the Clapham Grand in London. Amazing gigs, both. The second time I saw him people just didn't want to stop and he didn't want to stop playing, he played for ages and ages, kind of getting a bit anxious about the last train but didn't want to miss anything. Then he finished 'Goodnight' etc, and the crowd didn't want him to stop. The place put on some music, the lights went up, and the crowd kept cheering for more, and wouldn't stop, persistent cheering, shouting, stamping and baying till he came back and the venue had no choice to put the lights back down and turn the music off so he could play another couple of songs. I've been to a few gigs, and that's the first time I've seen the crowd beat the venue and artist into submission, outlasting the lights, the venue music, the security shouting at people to go home etc. Quite a feat.

The only other band I've seen that happen to was Teenage Fanclub in Belgrade in 2010!

Super cool! In 93 I think it would have been Josh Freese on drums, who of course has been subbing for Chris Mars at these reunion shows. Almost every time I've seen Westerberg solo, the crowd has been emotional, especially the tour that ended up yielding the footage that became the Come Feel Me Tremble DVD, but it was nothing compared to the second reunion show at Riot Fest in 2013. People were just rabid and crazy and I don't think the festival had great crowd control. It was the only time I ever seriously thought I might be injured at a show. Packed in so tightly I literally could not take a full breath and being shorter than everyone else around me just made it even more suffocating.

Edit: to bring it back to TFC, there is of course Alex Chilton, friend to both.
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