3 nights at Camden Underworld, 2001

Re: 3 nights at Camden Underworld, 2001

Postby Bad Seed on Wed Mar 18, 2015 5:12 am

I was at all three nights. I managed to get my MiniDV into the 3rd night ("No Guitars"). (I was on holiday, 6,000 miles from home and wasn't going to run back to the dodgy hostile to drop it off to get stolen). Because I was in the sober position for the third night in a row (right up front, miles from the bar) I managed to turn it on while it in my hoody near the end of the show and captured Cul de Sac and Broken. That Broken recording is still my favorite ever (plus I can hear myself giggling like a school girl), with Duncan MacKay on trumpet (he from British Meat Scene). It's a great version sonically (even if recorded from my pocket). It brings me joy every time I hear it.

Never sure why these nights were never released. I remember the ebay offer (I think for the 3rd night). I offered over $100 US near the end of the auction and still didn't get it.

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Re: 3 nights at Camden Underworld, 2001

Postby Big Bazza on Wed Mar 18, 2015 9:43 am

El Macca wrote:... that's be good 8)

I'd love to hear those three nights from Oran Mor again too - amazing gigs :D :D :D in particular to refresh my very " hazy " recollection of the last night ...

I wasn't at the electric night, but I was at the acoustic night and the "rarities" night and recorded a lot of both sets. The clips are all up on YouTube, albeit low definition and lo-fi. Here's one of them.

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