summer feeling

what do you prefer?

summer - heat, beaches, shorts, smelly people in public transport
winter - fondue, warming hugs, well dressed people on streets, no smelly public transport
Total votes : 17

Postby WearsDenim on Wed Jun 04, 2003 2:15 pm

siobhan's dad wrote:See the score on this vote is 4-4. It was 4-2 to Winter until deep into injury time when Graeme Weir voted twice to make it all square. :wink:

Like anybody got that.... :)
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Postby philco on Wed Jun 04, 2003 8:51 pm

when it's summer, i'm stoked about winter, and when it's winter, i'm stoked about summer. it off-sets quite nicely. i don't mind the cold, and i don't mind the heat. each season has it's perks, each has its drawbacks.
i guess where i am in canada, the summers aren't super humid like australia, and well...our winters around these parts up until this year (my back can't take another winter of that kind of shovelling - anyone in the eastern US may have an idea about that) really didn't leave us with much more than patches of snow that would eventually be rained out.
not much to complain about.

how come there wasn't a vote for being indifferent and enjoying both?

i do lean a bit more on winter though because of a mild skin condition that doesn't agree with humidity for long periods of time. australia was not kind to me.
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