winchester club/ the Witch trials

winchester club/ the Witch trials

Postby Nibby on Sun Oct 10, 2004 3:24 am

Hello just back from the winchester club. My mate Martin's band was playing . Very impressed especially with the drum stick fuzzy guitar moments.

My good friend Sue was more impressed with the Audience :shock:

The night before was a Fantastic night at Sleazys.
The Which Trials was a total sell out.
Hex fantasic
The New Rosey jewels treated us to some new fantasic material, these guys are a must to catch.
Shit Disco fucking awesome
the night was really one of the best and was a total success.
It has been some weekend

My body is starting to seep Jack Daniels from every pore.
Awell its 3.20, saturday night and the weekend must go on and my friend sue is getting bored that i am on her computer and talking a load of piss

see you all soon
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